Philip G.M. Dickinson

PHILIP G. M. DICKINSON F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S., F.R.G.S. (1902-1974)




Philip Dickinson wrote and illustrated more than 50 local history books and pamphlets predominantly on the counties in which he lived, namely Essex, Huntingdonshire and Suffolk. What follows is a complete list of titles arranged by pre-1965 counties. Click highlighted titles to open front cover.

A Little History of the Abbey of St. Mary and the Parish Church of S. Peter and S. Paul, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire (1954)
St. Andrew’s Church, West Wratting (1954)
Whittlesey Urban District Official Guide (1966; 1971)

A Short Guide to the Parish Church, Bulmer (1964)
Borough of Saffron Walden Official Guide (Saffron Press Limited, Saffron Walden, Essex, 1960; 2nd edition 1962, revised & enlarged edition 1965, 1969, 1972)
History of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Chickney (1960)
Little Wratting Church (Offprinted from the Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Arch. Volume 27 Part 1, 1955)
Saffron Walden Rural District Official Handbook (1965)
The Church of St. Giles, Great Maplestead, and the Round Church of Little Maplestead (Parochial Church Councils, 1956; 1959, 1963, 1967)
The Churches of Good Easter, High Easter and Margaret Roding (2nd revised edition 1966)
The History of Chaureth Green from the Time of Domesday Book, 1086, and of Cherry Green Farmhouse and the houses round the Green from 1450, Broxted (with W. E. Puddicombe) (1966)
The Parish Church of All Saints, Ashdon (1963)
Tilty Abbey and the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Essex (1963)
Wenden’s Ambo Church (1960)

HUNTINGDONSHIRE (now a non-metropolitan district of Cambridgeshire)
A Little History of St. Mary’s Church, Godmanchester (1943; 1947, 1952, 1964)
Bodsey House, Ramsey (1969)
Brampton, Ellington, Easton & Spaldwick (The British Legion, 1948)
Hinchingbrooke House (1970)
Historic Hemingford Grey (1946)
Historic Huntingdon (W. H. Smith & Son Ltd. Huntingdon, 1944; 2nd revised edition 1944)
History of Great Paxton Minster Church (1973)
History of St. Ives Rural District Council 1894-1974
Houghton and Wyton (Peterborough Central Printers Ltd., Queen Street, Peterborough, 1973; revised 2nd edition published as The Village of Houghton & Wyton, C. L. Enterprises Ltd., St. Ives, 1987)
Houghton Mill (1970)
Huntingdon & Peterborough County Council Official Guide (1966)
Huntingdon County Handbook of the County Council (1958; 2nd and 3rd editions 1960-1963)
Huntingdon Rural District Official Guide (1947; 2nd edition 1951)
Official Guide of the Corporation (Borough of Huntingdon and of the Borough of Huntingdon and Godmanchester) (1950; revised 2nd edition 1957, 1964, 1965, 1969, 1971)
Oliver Cromwell and Huntingdon (Peterborough Central Printers Ltd., 1973; revised 2nd edition 1981)
Ramsey Church and Abbey (1947; 2nd edition 1964)
Ramsey Urban District Official Guide (1964; 1971)
Records of Huntingdonshire (1965-1974)
St. Ives Bridge and Chapel (The Norris Museum, St. Ives, 1965)
Survey of Huntingdon 1572 (Borough Council of Huntingdon and Godmanchester, 1972)
The Ancient Charters and Incorporation Insignia of Godmanchester (1941; 1942, 1944, 1948)
The Borough and Rural District of St. Ives Official Guide (1967)
The Borough of Huntingdon & Godmanchester Official Handbook (1964; 2nd edition 1965; 1969)
The History of Huntingdon Grammar School, 1565-1965, Written on the Occasion of the 400th Anniversary of the Founding of the School (with Alan Jamieson) (1965; reprinted in Huntingdon Grammar School and Hinchingbrooke School 1565-1990 (with Alan Jamieson & W. M. Stuart); referenced in 1565-2015 From Huntingdon Grammar School to Hinchingbrooke School by Alan Akeroyd & Caroline Clifford)
The Hospital of St. John the Baptist and the Grammar School Foundation (Undated, 1940s)
The King’s England: Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire (based on the original by Arthur Mee) (with Joyce Godber) (Hodder & Stoughton, New Edition, 1973)
The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Godmanchester (1964)
The Royal Charters of Huntingdon (1941; 2nd edition 1955)
The Treasure Trove from Hartford (1965)

Barnack Church – An Illustrated Guide (Anglia Echo Newspapers Ltd., Haverhill, Suffolk, 1968; revised by J. M. Goodwin 1990)
Historic Fotheringhay (The British Publishing Company Ltd., Gloucester, 1946)
Northampton Rural District Official Guide (1947)
Raunds Urban District Official Handbook (1967)

Clare Rural District Official Guide (1960; 1962)
Haverhill Almanac and Directory (1955; 1956, 1961)
Haverhill Urban District Official Guide (1950; 1954, 1959, 1961, 1965)
Historic Clare and its Rural District (two editions, 1952)
Samford Rural District Official Guide (5th edition 1961)
The Little Guide: Suffolk (Based on the original guide by W. A. Dutt) (Methuen, 6th Edition, 1957)

Philip G.M. Dickinson